We specialise in the fabricating stunning floors and work closely with the client to achieve a unique floor. From solid colour to highly decorative metalic designs.

The Total Grind N Polish difference is our meticulous floor preparation which ensures our coatings do not delaminate due to poor preparation. options of high gloss or satin finish, non-slip as well.

Epoxy floors are very easy to maintain and to clean, and provide a layer of insulation so they are not cold underfoot.

Because our epoxy floors are professionally installed, additional coats are easy and relatively cheap to apply. Want to change colours in 10 years time? easy done with a Total Grind N Polish unique epoxy floor.

Our extensive range of products gives us the advantage of creating the right floor the first time.

Our commercial range of epoxy floors can include our unique epoxy coving for HCEP food rated floors.

Call us today to organise a time to get the look you want from your floor.